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FleshLight Coupons / Free Fleshlight Freaks Sleeve Promo Sale
« on: October 20, 2013, 04:35:43 PM »
So I was partially right, Fleshlight get's freaky with it's "Buy $79 worth of merchandize and get the Freaks Sleeve absolutely free". To summarize, you need to buy a couple of things from Fleshlight to qualify. Does it wort it? Well, if you don't have that Freaky Sleeve yet, yes, it's certainly does. Freak Sleeve users are commonly happy with the performance and it's a good way to try something kinky to make your sexual life somewhat spicier.
Enjoy the Helloween with the Free Fleshlight Freaks sleeve, as much, as never before. If you know what I mean..

Fleshlight is quite unpredictable, as far as coupon codes and promos are concerned, and that is out of question. None the less, Halloween time has been well known for great discounts and special promos from FleshLight. And last year, it was indeed pretty amazing. "Glow in the dark freaks" series was presented to us, at a very attractive price. Loads of folks were net happy with it, as they were just after spending loads of money on the "regular" fleshlights. So they simply could not afford another one. I would be really pissed off, if I was in their shoes. So my little advice to all of you is to hold on a little and not to get seduced by "not to special" coupon and promo offers. There's a very good chance, something really cool will be going on sale at around Halloween 2013.

FleshLight Coupons / Fleshlight 25% Off Copon Free Sale
« on: October 01, 2013, 08:04:51 PM »
One fantastic deal – 25% off Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Have you ever wanted to last longer in bed?  Give her more satisfaction and take more enjoyment yourself?  Well the guys at Felshlight have developed a product that will aid you in keeping going for longer.  If that sounds good, then if I told you that part of your training routine would be masturbating on a regular basis with a Fleshlight pocket pussy, then I bet you would jump at the chance!  And to make it an even sweeter deal, they are even cutting an amazing 25% off the price bargain for a limited period. And the best thing is, you won't have to search for a valid fleshlight coupon, the price for STU has already been reduced for you.

The Stamina Training Unit is built around the core Fleshlight concept, but has been developed to help train a guy to last longer.  Built with  Fleshlights patented pillow like bumps inside, the device replicates sexual intercourse, thus giving a guy the chance to practice the sensations of real sex on his own.  The Fleshlight can be purchased with the lady orifice, which is a reproduction of a vagina, complete with clitoris, or as a standard round orifice.  Either are as affective and the choice is just down to personal preference.

The Stamina Training Unit, as well as coming with a Fleshlight in a deluxe gold coloured case, also includes a 250ml pack of Fleshlube water, some Fleshwash, Fleshlight renewing powder and an all important e-book detailing how to use the pocket pussy to improve performance and tips on better sexual stamina.  It is this e-book, filled with facts, figures, training routines and guidance that propels the Fleshlight into the realms of a training device that can help those that suffer premature ejaculation or just low sexual performance.  Following the routine will help curb sexual anxiety, one of the key causes to poor sexual performance

Despite being a sexual health training product, the Fleshlight STU still offers users great pleasure, with the ability to reach an intense orgasm that is difficult to replicate even in real life. 

At 25% off this represents a significant saving on the recommended price, and as with all Fleshlight special offers, will not be available for long.  So if you want to improve your sexual stamina, whilst treating yourself to some of the beast orgasms you will ever have, then jump on this offer quick and secure your Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.

Farrah Abraham Fleshlight mold video

Exciting news from the guys at Fleshlight.  Now instead of masturbating with one of their pocket pussies you can now get the full Farrah treatment.

You see, the star of MTV's Teen Mom and the subsequent 'leaked' sex tape released by Vivid, Backdoor Teen Mom, has got the guys from Fleshlight to model her pussy and put it into a pocket toy so we can take it home and pound her like we saw James Deen do in the infamous video!

The toy follows on from the toys modelled on the leading light of the adult industry  such as Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas and Kayden Kross and is the first in the range to be modelled on a non porn star, even though that many would argue that Farrahs tape was just that, porn.  To strike a deal with Abrahams, who has become a household name should really push the Fleshlight range to the next level.

And with Farah Abrahams hunger for publicity, the guys from Fleshlight may well have to manage a demand that is unprecedented for a sex toy.  Since the release of the tape, which many claim was made specifically to sell, and stars well known porn actor James Deen, various claims have emerged, including that Abraham got pregnant from the sex in the tape and she was about to become a Charlie Sheen angel.  These claims have since been rubbished but many suspect that they came from the publicity hungry Abrahams and observers also expect her to really push her Fleshlight toy into media channels that a sex toy could previously only dream of.

Early indications that the toy will be modelled on the existing Fleshlight Girls range with a choice of inner textures, probably the lotus that mimics as close as possible a vagina and one other more extreme pattern.

In a recently released promotional video, Farrah Abrahams is shown in the process of making the prototype by having her pussy (and interestingly her ass) modelled in latex ready for the guys at Fleshlight to go into full production mode.  In the video she talks about her desire to make it into the guys of the USA's bedrooms and have them jerk off with her.

A release date for the toy has yet to be announced but as soon as it is revealed we will feature it here.  Be sure to get in quick though, as they are sure to sell fast.  On release Farrah Abrahams sex tape received over a million downloads in the first 24 hours, making her a true global star with a popularity that eclipses most porn stars and doubled the number of downloads of Kim Kardashians sex tape with Ray J.

Watch the mold video now:

FleshLight Coupons / Cheap Fleshlight Case, Get $12 Off the regular price
« on: September 17, 2013, 09:28:13 PM »
We love cheap expensive stuff, don't we? especially when it's authentic Fleshlight!
Fleshguys been having a lot of fun lately with releasing the specials one after another. This time is about the empty Fleshlight cases, about the aesthetics of your collection. You are given an incredible chance to get a variety of empty cases at incredibly low price. Saving $12 off the regular price is no joke my friend, and you get a Free 2oz lube bottle on the top of the package, that's as close as it comes to getting a Fleshlight for free, well almost.

Pearl Fleshlight Case has never been yet available as a stand alone unit. Now we have a chance to buy it as a case only, not need to buy a Fleshlight if you have plenty of those sitting on your shelve. It has an incredible presence and will certainly be central pivot in any collection of Fleshlights. Just look at it, simply marvelous and vibrant color. As any other case, it comes with a free bottle of 2oz Fleshlight lube, while the offer lasts.

The Fleshlight cases promo is a hell of a bargain if you ask me, not the offer to miss, and supposedly, it won't last for much longer.

Latest promo offers from Fleshlight, Free Surprize Sleeves giveaway (Sorry no coupon codes this time)

  What if I told you that the number one selling sex toy manufacturer for men in the world had got a new range out AND that new range was available as a promotional discount offer, would you be excited?

 Anyone who has used a Fleshlight masturbation tool will know that they are quality items designed to pleasure a man in the closest way possible to a women’s vagina. The pocket pussies are made from the highest quality materials and with a guy’s pleasure in mind. Having led the market for many years, the guys at Fleshlight continue to develop and innovate.

 The latest promo offer is focused around the latest Flight Fleshlight range, which are a more compact and sleek toy with more discreet packaging designed for travel, your take anywhere device. The offer will allow you to choose the two best sellers from the range, and pay only half price for one of the toys.

 This is a fantastic offer and with all previous Fleshlight promo offers, this bargain is sure to be popular. Such high end products are unusual to find with such large discounts so this stunning offer will not be around for long.

 The first in the range is the Instructor. This is a sleek and sensuous experience designed for a smooth ride with a constant pressure. With a size of 8” and able to take an insertion of a full 6” there is enough there for anyone to take a flight. This Instructor Fleshlight will have you reeling with pleasure, just as you would do with a normal partner but with the added benefit of being able to do it practically anytime, anywhere.

 The second item in the range is the exciting new Pilot. This Fleshlight is designed to give you a much rougher ride! It has various changes inside to the texture and the structure that using this masturbator is like having rough, hard sex! The sizing is similar to the Instructor but the experience couldn’t be more different. The unique inner layer is designed for an intense ride that will have you lunging your way forward into another dimension, with internal structure designed to give different pressure that will make it feel like you are having the hardest, wildest, most acrobatic sex ever!

 Both of the promos in this range have Fleshlights unique tightness adjustment. Just by twisting the cap you will be able to change the amount of pressure and suction you feel against your penis.

 The range is already getting rave reviews with users praising the compactness without any lack of usability or sensation. Check out their site and see for yourself, hundreds of guys now use these toys as their go to masturbation device.

 Being able to buy these two Fleshlight promo toys at a bargain price make this an offer not to be missed. You will have take anywhere toys that are capable of satisfying your every mood. As we said earlier, these offers do not last for long, so if you want to grab yourself some portable pleasure, be sure to act now.

P.S. Fleshlight is gone crazy in September, no doubt. The just announced yet another "Free Surprize Sleeve Giveaway", so much loved by us. Now if I can only  find a working coupon ...

Only The Best From Fleshlight / Missed Out Fu*k, Thank you Fleshlight!
« on: August 24, 2013, 02:07:57 PM »
   “I had a great night, Eric.” Adrienne’s smile stretched across her face, leaving him delighted with how their night had gone.

   Warmth washed over his entirety as he leaned in for their sixth goodnight kiss within the last month. She appeared taller as she stood on her toes, meeting him halfway. At first, their kiss was calm. It quickly escalated into more, her body pushing his against the solid wood door. She was tempting him with her lean body and subtle curves, intoxicating him as her tongue slipped between his lips. His thoughts grew foggy as her leg wrapped around his hip, her dress sliding up to cause her clothed pussy to rub against his growing erection.

   His heart matched the accelerated rate of her shallow breaths. Finally, they would be moving on to the next step in their relationship. After six very successful dates, it was time to invite her in. His fingers gripped the bunched material of her dress, pulling her closer to him, as his other hand turned the doorknob. They clumsily fell into the dark apartment, their lips furiously moving together.

   “Bedroom,” she gasped, her mouth leaving his for much needed air.
   His swollen lips moved to the base of neck, sucking and licking the sensitive skin there. Using some effort, he lifted her body enough for her to wrap her legs around his waist. Instead of guiding her, he planned to carry her to the room. Being in a small one-bedroom apartment made it very easy to navigate.
   Adrienne’s frame hit the bed with a soft bounce, rousing a laugh to slip past her lips. Her smile was plastered, glued there with joy. His brown eyes gazed over her hungrily, memorizing every inch of her beautiful physique before attempting to remove the dress from her olive skin.

   Their hands moved fast, roaming and teasing, while clothes hit the floor. His body hovered above hers, their eyes studying each other closely. Before long, they laid with each other, only their undergarments separating their intimate parts. Eric ground his hips into Adrienne’s, groaning at the sudden wave of electricity shooting through his veins.

   A loud ringtone broke their contact. Adrienne sat up, inadvertently shoving him off of her. “Shit. I’m sorry. I need to get that.” She scrambled to her feet before digging into her pockets, cursing silently as the call neared its end.

   “I’ve got to go,” she muttered, preoccupied with her phone. “I’ll call you tonight.”
   With not a chance to convince her to stay, she was gone, clothes in hand, loudly closing the door behind her. He didn’t care how quickly she must have dressed in order to walk out so quickly. His arousal twitched as he sighed loudly. Eric had no intentions staying unsatisfied after being worked up.

   Swiftly, he grabbed his Fleshlight from his drawer and made his way to his bathroom. While walking toward the shower, he unscrewed the normal cap. His boxer briefs hit the ground, his feet soon making contact with the cold tiles lining the stand up shower. His Fleshlight Shower Mount with Suction Base was already in place, making it that much easier for him to begin. With the slight twist of his wrist, he screwed it into the base.

   Once secure, he turned on the water, letting it run over his already heated body. He imagined Adrienne rubbing against him. Her soft legs moved around his ass, her feet running down the length of his strong legs, her mouth decorating his firm neck. He gasped aloud as the thoughts moved freely through his head. He positioned his large erection with the entrance of the soft pink lips of his adult toy. The Fleshlight was realistic to him as he slid in and out, the flesh-like material massaging his throbbing length.

   Above his head was his hand, holding him in place, the other hand gently gripped his delicious toy. With his eyes squeezed shut, he envisioned fucking her slowly at first. His thrusts grew deep and fast, stirring the boiling flames in his stomach to lick at his ultimate release.

   Eric had put off pleasing himself in order to wait for the feeling of Adrienne’s tight pussy squeezing his member. The feeling of the Fleshlight was almost as good as the other; he couldn’t tell the difference as he plunged within the detailed material.

Twitching legs, swinging hips, and soft pants played out beneath the steam filled stall. In the privacy of his home, he worked to push himself over the edge at last. Muscles squeezed and released as pleasure moved through his frame. His heart began to pound against his ribcage as his eyes glazed over in ultimate bliss. His eyes opened suddenly before closing once more, the final moments of his orgasm riding out. The plump lips took every ounce of his release silently, leaving his head resting on the wall in a relaxed state.
“You missed out on a nice fuck, Adrienne.”

Stamina Training - A Story of Pleasure

Randall Thompson logged into the Better Sex Forum and checked his messages, then he clicked on the link that told him which threads he had commented had newer comments. First in line was the thread he started, asking the question, "How can you train your dick to last longer before you come?"

To his surprise, there were over thirty responses. He read the first response.

"Play with it every day."

The comment was left by a forum member who went by the nickname Big Dick. He scrolled to the next response.

"Lame," he muttered to himself, and kept scrolling.

He stopped at each message, reading them out loud and moving on to the next. He stopped and answered a couple of messages before moving on. Finally, after reading through more than a dozen responses - some of them pithy, others serious, and a few even helpful - he came across one that was lengthier than all the others.

"Try the Fleshlight," it started. "The Stamina Training Unit is the bomb. I've found that if you use it every day for the first week then three days on and two days off for a couple of months, you will improve your staying power by at least ten or fifteen percent."

That piqued his interest. After reading the rest of the response, which consisted of some statistics and a couple of links to news articles, Randall clicked the link at the bottom of the post and visited the Fleshlight website. He read the review of the Stamina Training Unit, looked at the images from every possible angle, then he ordered one.

Randall burst with excitement two days later when the plain brown package arrived in the mail. He had just got home from work and rushed in the door to his efficiency apartment to open it.


It was bigger than he imagined. Turning it over in his hands, he admired the craftsmanship, the sturdiness of the product. It was longer and lighter than he thought it would. Immediately, he stripped until he was bare naked. Then he lay on his back on the sofa in his living room and worked his cock up to a nice hard on. After arousing himself to a full erection, he grabbed the tube of lube that came with the Fleshlight and squeezed some on the tip of his dick.

"I can't wait to feel that pink pussy," he said, slipping the Fleshlight over head of his penis. It slid on so easily he thought it would his dick and keep it. He moaned. "Oh, God!"

Wrapping his fingers around the Fleshlight, he pushed it all the way until it bounced on the top of his scrotum. Satisfied that it felt as good as his friends on the forum said it would feel, he pulled it up until every inch of his cock could be seen except for the head. The lube fully lathered his dick from the balls along the shaft to the top of the head. He pushed it back down again with exuberance.

"Sweet Jesus!"

He thought of the last pussy he'd been in. Mary, the supermarket clerk. He thought of her as he pushed and pulled the Fleshlight up and down the shaft of his penis. He worked it for ten minutes and as he felt the hot explosion of his cock juice unload inside the pink tube wrapped his dick he yelled Mary's name at the top of his lungs. He let his orgasm run its course, juicing up the inside of the Fleshlight with every shot. As he expended himself, he could hear the soft rap of knuckles on the door to his apartment.

He didn't want to move. As he slid the Fleshlight off the tip of his cock, he looked around for someplace to lay it and decided to toss it into the top drawer of his bureau on the opposite side of the room. Then he ran to window to see who was knocking on the door.


Quickly, he pulled his pants on and opened the door.

"Hi, Mary. What a pleasant surprise!"

Today Fleshlight announced a promo on Stamina training unit, known better as Fleshlight STU discounted offer. They called it "BEST OFFER YET" for a good reason. It comes as a discount coupon (or better say discount offer), at incredible low price (for one of the best Fleshlights out there). The great thing you can choose the multiple bargains on packages or standalone STU units. For example:


So, we have an incredible discount of over 28% here. Fleshlight seem to be drifting away from the dicount and coupon codes, the rather enjoy just throwing promo offers at us. Can't complain though.

Another great offer released Today and possibly wort extra attention is the "STU PACK" deal, for both Lady and Pure Stamina units. For $74.95 you get the following:

  • Super skin Fleshlight sleeve
  • Golden Fleshlight case
  • 8oz of Fleshlube water
  • Fleshlight renewing powder
  • 4oz of Fleshwash
  • Free Stamina training online guide

This super package saves you a wicked $30 dollars, and is a nice set for someone, just starting off with Stamina Training, or may be for someone wishing to renew his collection. Whoever of those you are, it's a rock solid bargain we have here! No word of the length of the promo, but I wouldn't recommend on postponing it for too long.

FleshLight Coupons / 2013 Fleshlight Sale Of The Year Is Approaching
« on: August 01, 2013, 08:43:35 PM »
Seems like we were spot on on predicting something huge soon to happen in the world of Fleshlight coupons and discounts. On their Twitter, Fleshlight just posted a brief but very promising "1 of best deals this year is 'coming' soon", and asked it's fans to say alert.
Surprisingly, there's very little discussion happening on the Fleshlight Forums, regarding the upcoming sale of the year, those guy love playing the prediction game, not this time, I guess.

This is a bit of fake picture, but I funny one. Ever heard of the thing called DJI PHANTOM? This is the same thing in quadcopter's world as Fleshlight in the world of male toys - The King of Qudcopters!
So on this picture you can see a Dji Phantom mounted Fleshlight, or better say - flying Fleshlight mount.
How cool would that be? You can fly your Fleshlight anywhere you want (standard range is around a mile or so), and land it anywhere you want! How about landing it on a car of a local sheriff?! :-)

FleshLight Coupons / Fleshlight coupons anticipation. Stay connected!
« on: July 29, 2013, 07:25:29 PM »
It has been really quiet here for a couple of weeks, nothing exciting has happened and no coupon codes were released. It feel calm, that kind of calmness you feel before a ... hurricane. I hope my feelings are right and we get a heavy rain soon, full of discounts, vouchers, special deals, bargains and coupon codes for our favorite Fleshlight. Com on big F, your fans are waiting!

A Fleshlight representative has spoken on six new Pink textures soon becoming available as sleeve-only options. Fleshlight online store is supposedly being updated at the moment. This information is not yet confirmed, but most likely accurate, and we will be able to get more news on it shortly.

Some nice Fleshlight pic for Today, in fact, much more than a pic, this is the whole unique Guinness edition Fleshlight Review.Certainly, it is comical, nevertheless, it gives you a great insight of what Fleshlight is actually is and moreover, of how to properly use it. This Fleshlight guide is done in a playful and cheerful way, so it's actually, extreme fun to read (and follow). Click on the picture below to magnify it to the full size.
Courtesy of

Only The Best From Fleshlight / Very soon, 3D Fleshlight printer!
« on: July 23, 2013, 07:34:50 PM »
Folks, imagine, the times when you can print out your own Fleshlight of any shape, any structure, with a 3D printer. Those (3D printers) are becoming  rather common household items, and good chance, they will become same thing as your TV is. We all know, with a 3D printer you can print pretty much anything, solid. That was the limitation till now. You could only print solid things. Well, the times are changing, so is 3D printing technology. Apparently, soft 3D printing is already here. Check the video below and be sure, 3D printed Fleshlight is only a few years away!

Let's admit, there's something really special about black people and sex, some magical connection is there. I personally love watching black people having sex, same race or interracial, both are hot. Now imagine what will it look like, when a young black male, with hot and muscular body using a Fleshlight. Better yet, watch the video of it. What I really like about it, he uses a transparent Fleshlight case, looks really cool and hot, but it would be even hotter, if he used a Fleshlight Ice! Then we would see the real deal! Black penis inside Ice, that sounds very hot. Now enjoy it:

Fancy a shower mount for your fleshlight? Sadly, I have one already, and won't be jumbing into the sale. If you don't happen to own one yet, you have a good chance to get one for free. The catch is, it comes when buying a Pink Lady Original Flesh Light. And for first 500 customers only. As this special offer has only started, you have all the chances at your exposal. As for me, I will wait for a discount coupon instead

Free Vibro Mini Lotus promo has been a big disspointment for many Fleshlight fans (including myself) over the globe. They openly discussed the latest deal on the webs and expressed their feelings about it. The truth is, people do not like mini lotus, same stands for Vibro in general. It feels like Fleshlight was simply getting rid of the product no one was buying. No surpize, many merchants do this, but in my opinion, we need a better treatment than that. So what would be a really great offer, my personal favorite would be a 20% off Fleshlight coupon, so, I can choose the product I desire the most, in that particular moment, and be happy with it.

If you are trully Fleshlight fan, love taking the Fleshlight along with you, anywhere you go, here's a cool idea of how to do it on your bicycle - the Fleshlight Bicycle Cargo (exhibitionist way). This picture explains it all, shouldn't be too hard to implement the idea.

FleshLight Coupons / Free Vibro Sleeve (Mini Lotus) Very Special Sale
« on: July 10, 2013, 09:43:50 PM »
Been away for a few days, but now I'm back and have the latest and the hottest from our favorite adult toy maker!

Have to say, I was a bit upset when it become obvious, there will be no Independence day specials, but, everything has returned to it's place just now, FL has announced another coupon free promo!

Ladies and gentlemen, mostly the latter, you have a chance to own one of the most interesting products from #1 male masturbator manufacturer - Vibro Mini Lotus sleeve, absolutely free, when purchasing any normal Vibro. This may not sound like a hell of a bargain first, but if you are after one of those, and don't have them in your collection yet, that certainly is a massive discount and a lot of weight off your pockets.

 And to add more punch to the package, notice, you are getting Limited edition Vibro Mini Lotus! This offer is extremely limited (as claimed by FL). I tend to believe those will be sold out fairly quick.

Only The Best From Fleshlight / STU Funny Commercial
« on: July 09, 2013, 07:39:51 AM »

This commercial is pretty much self explanatory, all the guys know, you might be fit, but any woman can easily outrun you in bed. We both climax, but male do ejaculate and loose the power, whereas women - gain it.
The only chance you have is to train you with women (that's right, plural) and possibly gain enough of confidence to last as long as you want to, or, get the kinky STU kit from Fleshlight and have as much fun, as you can handle.

Only The Best From Fleshlight / Fleshlight Thought Of The Day
« on: July 08, 2013, 03:59:49 PM »
If you are usure of which Fleshlight to buy, it might be a good idea to check Destroya! I hear nothing but 5 star reviews from everyone who has tried it. Indeed, why not!

Very quality video of a guy doind his Flight Fleshlight hands free. He uses a branded mount, called "Gripper". This is the first time I come across one, really surprised I have never seen that before, perhaps FL folks are not allowing to post those on their forums (another good reason to visit Faprum more often).
Anyways, really awsome mount from different points of few, looks really handy and comfrortable to use. The video just confirms it really well. My next Flesh purchase, perhaps... Wish they had a coupon for Gripper mount ;)

As much as we love Fleshlight, was really surprised when came across of a movie on IMDB called ... Fleshlight. First I thought it was a joke, but no, looks legit!
It's only 10 minutes short and there are 3 people only in it.
A story of a guy called Sam .. The rest you can check yourself:
Anyone got a link?


Shall you happened to be one of the guys who likes being teased, most likely, this video is for you. Being both erotic and fetish (yes, we have a latex baby in there) it has conquered my heart (and cock too).
I bet, that combining world's best artificial pussy and vinyl can be extremely horny experience, gotta try it for myself one day.

         I don’t know why, but whenever my husband, Jake, brought out his fleshlight, it was completely arousing. My husband and I have been married for almost three years now, and it still sparks my interest. He was a pretty shy guy out in public, but when we were making love, he was so kinky, sexy, and outgoing. I really love that about him. Sometimes when we are a little tired, we will use our sex toys to please ourselves while we watch each other. There’s something really intimate about being with your loved one and just looking into each other’s eyes while you climax.

   I was getting off of work one night and was heading home and I remember I was so horny and just wanted to watch my husband use his fleshlight in front of me. I texted him before the drive home that I wanted some sexy fun, and I could tell he couldn’t wait until I got home.

   I arrived home quickly and when I walked in the door, Jake was nowhere to be seen. I looked around, and of course I found him where the fun would begin, in our master bedroom. He was lying on the bed with the silk linens wrapped around him and waved a finger for me to come towards him. I naturally walked straight towards him, but before entering the bed with him, I dropped my clothing on the floor and went over to our dresser where we stored our toys, and I brought out his fleshlight. I looked back towards him and he just gave me this wide smile that he was definitely interested.

   I then went into bed with him as I leaned back against a few plush pillows to rest my body. I slowly inserted two fingers into my pussy, that was now wet, and began fingering myself in front of him. We began kissing, just a little, and then he stroked his cock and I even sucked on it a little bit for some moisture. His cock was completely hard by this point and he then pushed his thick cock deep inside of the fleshlight. I watched his face as he did so and his head tilted back while his mouth opened wide. I asked him how it felt, and he said it felt perfect and so tight. I bit my lip and just stared in awe of his pleasure while I quickly rubbed my clit.

   Jake just kept on going while he pleased himself and moaned constantly. I climaxed and eventually moved closer to him and moved my hand up and down his thighs as I began kissing his neck. He told me to keep going as I began kissing his lips as well as I rubbed his buff chest. I leaned back and played with my tits as I rubbed my nipples gently while he watched. I kept going while making my tits bounce and I knew I had his full attention. Within a matter of seconds, he soon pulled his cock out of the fleshlight and ejaculated across my tits. We both panted and he laid his head on my chest as I ran my fingers through his hair as we drifted off to sleep, just waiting for the next time for pleasure.

It's getting hot in the room, the temperature is rising, the Independence day is just around the corner. Fleshlight homepage is yet to show any signs of it. They seem to be tempting all of us, shamelessly, as most of us expected July 4th promo to be up by now. Well, it hasn't happened yet. Luckily, I've got a lot of pop-corn and coca-cola.

As a straight guy, I was surprised that this video has appealed to me. More over, I turned me on. FleshJack is a gay Flesh-Light version, and the blue color makes it really gay. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure, many straight folks will enjoy watching this, as I did. In this video 2 cute guys a having fun with each other, and using Fleshjack as a sex tool to expand the borders of their sexual game, and to prepare each other for the real gay action.
The actual Fleshjack part starts at 3:50 and ends 8.20, so you may want to avoid watching the rest, if that's what you want.

This is rather a wish post, with a bid of speculation involved. Inspired by hundreds of curious fans contemplating on what kind of bargain Fleshlight will introduce on July 4, the favorite day for all Americans.
Some even hoping, that some new products will be introduced on this day, as it has previously happened on some of Independence days.
An idea introduced by a member from FL Forums by the name fly2learn, found a great support from fellow flight-ers and here it is:
"They should make it Fleshlight Sleeve Independence Day, selling Fleshlights that normally require a case as sleeve only"
I'd have to totally agree on that. It would be hell of a best seller for Fleshlight.
Anyways, as soon as we hear on real promotions for the July 4, we  let you know asap. Hopefully, it will be something truly awesome.

P.S. I'd also love to see some old fashioned Fleshlight coupon codes, if you ask me, say 40% off. Don't you just love when you enter one of those, and it clicks giving you are weighty discount on your order. That would be my winner!

FleshLight Coupons / Shower Mount For Free, How Cool Is That?!
« on: June 28, 2013, 02:15:13 AM »
Ever fancied that hands free fleshlight experience, provided by the shower mount, but never could justify throwing your cash at it? Now the decision is much easier than ever! The matter is, you can get it for free now, that's right, for free. You know Fleshlight loves 99 number? This is the exact case again. Get yourself $99 worth of Flesh Light merchandise and you automatically receive the SHOWER MOUNT AT NO COST! Beat that DGS or just have an ultimate hands free fleshlight experience at no extra cost. What could be really cooler than that?

P.S. As per image below, this promo is not going to work with any other special or discount code, but that's not much of a problem in my eyes.

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