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Author Topic: Best Fleshlight Stories, Super Hot!  (Read 17022 times)


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Missed Out Fu*k, Thank you Fleshlight!
« Reply #9 on: August 24, 2013, 02:07:57 PM »
   “I had a great night, Eric.” Adrienne’s smile stretched across her face, leaving him delighted with how their night had gone.

   Warmth washed over his entirety as he leaned in for their sixth goodnight kiss within the last month. She appeared taller as she stood on her toes, meeting him halfway. At first, their kiss was calm. It quickly escalated into more, her body pushing his against the solid wood door. She was tempting him with her lean body and subtle curves, intoxicating him as her tongue slipped between his lips. His thoughts grew foggy as her leg wrapped around his hip, her dress sliding up to cause her clothed pussy to rub against his growing erection.

   His heart matched the accelerated rate of her shallow breaths. Finally, they would be moving on to the next step in their relationship. After six very successful dates, it was time to invite her in. His fingers gripped the bunched material of her dress, pulling her closer to him, as his other hand turned the doorknob. They clumsily fell into the dark apartment, their lips furiously moving together.

   “Bedroom,” she gasped, her mouth leaving his for much needed air.
   His swollen lips moved to the base of neck, sucking and licking the sensitive skin there. Using some effort, he lifted her body enough for her to wrap her legs around his waist. Instead of guiding her, he planned to carry her to the room. Being in a small one-bedroom apartment made it very easy to navigate.
   Adrienne’s frame hit the bed with a soft bounce, rousing a laugh to slip past her lips. Her smile was plastered, glued there with joy. His brown eyes gazed over her hungrily, memorizing every inch of her beautiful physique before attempting to remove the dress from her olive skin.

   Their hands moved fast, roaming and teasing, while clothes hit the floor. His body hovered above hers, their eyes studying each other closely. Before long, they laid with each other, only their undergarments separating their intimate parts. Eric ground his hips into Adrienne’s, groaning at the sudden wave of electricity shooting through his veins.

   A loud ringtone broke their contact. Adrienne sat up, inadvertently shoving him off of her. “Shit. I’m sorry. I need to get that.” She scrambled to her feet before digging into her pockets, cursing silently as the call neared its end.

   “I’ve got to go,” she muttered, preoccupied with her phone. “I’ll call you tonight.”
   With not a chance to convince her to stay, she was gone, clothes in hand, loudly closing the door behind her. He didn’t care how quickly she must have dressed in order to walk out so quickly. His arousal twitched as he sighed loudly. Eric had no intentions staying unsatisfied after being worked up.

   Swiftly, he grabbed his Fleshlight from his drawer and made his way to his bathroom. While walking toward the shower, he unscrewed the normal cap. His boxer briefs hit the ground, his feet soon making contact with the cold tiles lining the stand up shower. His Fleshlight Shower Mount with Suction Base was already in place, making it that much easier for him to begin. With the slight twist of his wrist, he screwed it into the base.

   Once secure, he turned on the water, letting it run over his already heated body. He imagined Adrienne rubbing against him. Her soft legs moved around his ass, her feet running down the length of his strong legs, her mouth decorating his firm neck. He gasped aloud as the thoughts moved freely through his head. He positioned his large erection with the entrance of the soft pink lips of his adult toy. The Fleshlight was realistic to him as he slid in and out, the flesh-like material massaging his throbbing length.

   Above his head was his hand, holding him in place, the other hand gently gripped his delicious toy. With his eyes squeezed shut, he envisioned fucking her slowly at first. His thrusts grew deep and fast, stirring the boiling flames in his stomach to lick at his ultimate release.

   Eric had put off pleasing himself in order to wait for the feeling of Adrienne’s tight pussy squeezing his member. The feeling of the Fleshlight was almost as good as the other; he couldn’t tell the difference as he plunged within the detailed material.

Twitching legs, swinging hips, and soft pants played out beneath the steam filled stall. In the privacy of his home, he worked to push himself over the edge at last. Muscles squeezed and released as pleasure moved through his frame. His heart began to pound against his ribcage as his eyes glazed over in ultimate bliss. His eyes opened suddenly before closing once more, the final moments of his orgasm riding out. The plump lips took every ounce of his release silently, leaving his head resting on the wall in a relaxed state.
“You missed out on a nice fuck, Adrienne.”
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Fleshlight STU story - Greatest pleasure there is.
« Reply #8 on: August 13, 2013, 09:48:04 PM »
Stamina Training - A Story of Pleasure

Randall Thompson logged into the Better Sex Forum and checked his messages, then he clicked on the link that told him which threads he had commented had newer comments. First in line was the thread he started, asking the question, "How can you train your dick to last longer before you come?"

To his surprise, there were over thirty responses. He read the first response.

"Play with it every day."

The comment was left by a forum member who went by the nickname Big Dick. He scrolled to the next response.

"Lame," he muttered to himself, and kept scrolling.

He stopped at each message, reading them out loud and moving on to the next. He stopped and answered a couple of messages before moving on. Finally, after reading through more than a dozen responses - some of them pithy, others serious, and a few even helpful - he came across one that was lengthier than all the others.

"Try the Fleshlight," it started. "The Stamina Training Unit is the bomb. I've found that if you use it every day for the first week then three days on and two days off for a couple of months, you will improve your staying power by at least ten or fifteen percent."

That piqued his interest. After reading the rest of the response, which consisted of some statistics and a couple of links to news articles, Randall clicked the link at the bottom of the post and visited the Fleshlight website. He read the review of the Stamina Training Unit, looked at the images from every possible angle, then he ordered one.

Randall burst with excitement two days later when the plain brown package arrived in the mail. He had just got home from work and rushed in the door to his efficiency apartment to open it.


It was bigger than he imagined. Turning it over in his hands, he admired the craftsmanship, the sturdiness of the product. It was longer and lighter than he thought it would. Immediately, he stripped until he was bare naked. Then he lay on his back on the sofa in his living room and worked his cock up to a nice hard on. After arousing himself to a full erection, he grabbed the tube of lube that came with the Fleshlight and squeezed some on the tip of his dick.

"I can't wait to feel that pink pussy," he said, slipping the Fleshlight over head of his penis. It slid on so easily he thought it would his dick and keep it. He moaned. "Oh, God!"

Wrapping his fingers around the Fleshlight, he pushed it all the way until it bounced on the top of his scrotum. Satisfied that it felt as good as his friends on the forum said it would feel, he pulled it up until every inch of his cock could be seen except for the head. The lube fully lathered his dick from the balls along the shaft to the top of the head. He pushed it back down again with exuberance.

"Sweet Jesus!"

He thought of the last pussy he'd been in. Mary, the supermarket clerk. He thought of her as he pushed and pulled the Fleshlight up and down the shaft of his penis. He worked it for ten minutes and as he felt the hot explosion of his cock juice unload inside the pink tube wrapped his dick he yelled Mary's name at the top of his lungs. He let his orgasm run its course, juicing up the inside of the Fleshlight with every shot. As he expended himself, he could hear the soft rap of knuckles on the door to his apartment.

He didn't want to move. As he slid the Fleshlight off the tip of his cock, he looked around for someplace to lay it and decided to toss it into the top drawer of his bureau on the opposite side of the room. Then he ran to window to see who was knocking on the door.


Quickly, he pulled his pants on and opened the door.

"Hi, Mary. What a pleasant surprise!"


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One Horny Wife Story (My Husband’s Favorite Toy)
« Reply #7 on: July 04, 2013, 04:40:18 PM »
         I don’t know why, but whenever my husband, Jake, brought out his fleshlight, it was completely arousing. My husband and I have been married for almost three years now, and it still sparks my interest. He was a pretty shy guy out in public, but when we were making love, he was so kinky, sexy, and outgoing. I really love that about him. Sometimes when we are a little tired, we will use our sex toys to please ourselves while we watch each other. There’s something really intimate about being with your loved one and just looking into each other’s eyes while you climax.

   I was getting off of work one night and was heading home and I remember I was so horny and just wanted to watch my husband use his fleshlight in front of me. I texted him before the drive home that I wanted some sexy fun, and I could tell he couldn’t wait until I got home.

   I arrived home quickly and when I walked in the door, Jake was nowhere to be seen. I looked around, and of course I found him where the fun would begin, in our master bedroom. He was lying on the bed with the silk linens wrapped around him and waved a finger for me to come towards him. I naturally walked straight towards him, but before entering the bed with him, I dropped my clothing on the floor and went over to our dresser where we stored our toys, and I brought out his fleshlight. I looked back towards him and he just gave me this wide smile that he was definitely interested.

   I then went into bed with him as I leaned back against a few plush pillows to rest my body. I slowly inserted two fingers into my pussy, that was now wet, and began fingering myself in front of him. We began kissing, just a little, and then he stroked his cock and I even sucked on it a little bit for some moisture. His cock was completely hard by this point and he then pushed his thick cock deep inside of the fleshlight. I watched his face as he did so and his head tilted back while his mouth opened wide. I asked him how it felt, and he said it felt perfect and so tight. I bit my lip and just stared in awe of his pleasure while I quickly rubbed my clit.

   Jake just kept on going while he pleased himself and moaned constantly. I climaxed and eventually moved closer to him and moved my hand up and down his thighs as I began kissing his neck. He told me to keep going as I began kissing his lips as well as I rubbed his buff chest. I leaned back and played with my tits as I rubbed my nipples gently while he watched. I kept going while making my tits bounce and I knew I had his full attention. Within a matter of seconds, he soon pulled his cock out of the fleshlight and ejaculated across my tits. We both panted and he laid his head on my chest as I ran my fingers through his hair as we drifted off to sleep, just waiting for the next time for pleasure.


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Fleshlight, the sweet threesome story
« Reply #6 on: June 18, 2013, 06:22:01 PM »
   Craig’s dark hair curtained his smoldering jade eyes, slightly blocking his view of the freckled woman bouncing off of his hips. His fingers curled into the soft skin of her sides, drawing her frame closer to his. Red curls grazed the flexing muscles of her back as she allowed a raspy moan to slip by her full lips, her head falling back in ecstasy.

 - “Fuck, Clara,” he growled, his deep voice urging her to push roughly against him. Gracefully, she rocked at a faster pace, her forearms supporting her effort.

 - “Harder,” she begged, her walls squeezing gently around his erection. Their skin shimmered and smacked, moving impatiently, but never missing a beat. The flushed color decorating their face displayed the exertion both experienced as they exchanged erotic noises.

  In the corner of the room sat Ian, his heavy panting audible to the couple omitting it. As punishment, he must watch Clara and Craig with both legs tied to the wooden posts supporting his chair as his arms lay bound to the seat, his hands only free enough to work the Fleshlight adult toy gripped in his fist over his growing length. This threesome had strict rules that Ian failed to follow.

  His bright blue eyes watched intently as Craig’s erection disappeared with each thrust, Clara’s perky breasts bouncing teasingly in response. The lubricated flesh-like material inside the toy brought Ian instant relief as it moved over his throbbing arousal, giving him the friction his desired. Every time Clara’s voice whined Craig’s name, he imagined it was his own as he awkwardly plunged into the plump lips of the Fleshlight. His body shook, overwhelmed by the carnal scene playing out on the maroon sheets stretched across his king sized bed and the pleasure shooting through his veins, igniting the flame deep within his abdomen.

 As the couple prolonged their climax by switching positions, Ian fought to stay with them, not wanting to miss any raw position they undertook. His hand grew tired as he slowed the curling of his wrist, maintaining a slow pace with the flashlight shaped base. Sparkling blues studied each and every move they made, the soft flesh of his lip falling victim to his teeth. He couldn’t take the building pressure much longer as he hungrily examined their trembling limbs.

 Craig had Clara’s legs pushed firmly against her torso, his pace quickening as he slid in and out of her moist core. The screams, moans, and grunts quickened as Craig completed his last thrusts, finishing inside of her before collapsing against her curves. After a moment, the couple caught sight of Ian climaxing into the Fleshlight, his face twisted in absolute satisfaction. The room was filled with hot air and heavy tension, thick enough to be cut with a knife.

 - “You did it,” Craig breathed, his eyes focused on the disheveled man sitting helplessly in the wooden chair as he silently pulled away from the ginger beauty relaxing into the pillow-top mattress. The sweet scent of her arousal brought a smile to his lips, his head bending to place a soft kiss to her forehead. Handsomely, he stood up to approach Ian,
 - “That’s our gift to you. Be prepared to use it if you choose to do anything like that again.”
 Ian slowly allowed his eyes to open before nodding,

 - “I can live with that.” Tingling spread over his feet and arms once they were released, bringing a pronounced smirk to his face. He stood face-to-face with Craig, sizing his admirable physique.

 - “Now it’s my turn.”


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Easy Nights Away With Fleshlight

Marvin stuck his tongue into the pink opening of his favorite toy. He imagined himself eating Sandra's ass. She had gone away for the weekend with her sisters on a camping trip and left him all alone. At least he had his favorite toy.

The sphincter-like opening reminded him of Sandra's own pink hole. He loved rimming her almost as much as he liked licking her pussy.

He swirled his tongue around the opening of the Fleshlight's anal hole, plunging it as deep as it would go, getting it wet. His free hand moved down the length of his body to his penis and he massaged it to a hard on. Once it was fully erect, he slid the Fleshlight down and slipped it over the head of his cock.

"That's it, Sandra, honey," he said out loud. "Take it like a woman."

As he slid the Fleshlight down over his dick he could feel the teeth of the Barracuda model gripping his head. He watched the blue body of the masturbator in his hand as he pushed it down to his balls. The Barracuda sleeve swallowed his cock whole. First, the bristles rubbed his head, then there was an opening, and then more bristles. The bristles massaged his flesh as he gripped the toy and pulled up and down on his dick, dreaming about fucking Sandra in the ass. He didn't want to wait until Sunday night when she'd be returning home from her camping trip.

He moaned, gripping the Fleshlight harder, pushing and pulling it faster as the bristles rubbed against his man flesh tighter and tighter.

The Fleshlight pumped against his balls and he could feel himself beginning to sweat. He stuck his finger in his mouth, sucking on it until it covered in spit. Almost unconsciously, he slid the wet finger beside his balls and between his legs, down to his ass and rotated the tip of it around his sphincter muscle, loosening it.

"Pump that ass, baby!"

He yelled, jerking himself. He could feel his balls getting warmer, his cock lighting up in flames. He moved his finger to his mouth again and wet it before moving it back to his ass. This time, he inserted the tip of his finger in the hole and pumped it in and out as he jerked himself off with the fake pussy.

"Work that lady hole, my love."

Marvin worked the lady hole of the sleeve, its tight opening shaped like a butthole. He had ordered it over a year ago and it still performed as good as the day he received it in the mail. He couldn't think of anything else as he pumped his cock with the ass of the Fleshlight. He screamed Sandra's name at the top of his lungs as the rubber pussy took control of his cock.
It felt like Sandra's tight ass. Except that the super pussy seemed to grip his dick better even than his hand could, better than Sandra's ass ever did. The bristles inside seemed to be massaging his flesh and before he could spit out Sandra's name again he felt the hot surge of dick juice shoot out the tip of his cock. As he did, he slid his own finger deeper into his own hole, poking his prostate, prolonging the pleasure.

He let his cum run its course. When it was over, he pulled the Flesh-Light off his cock and lay it on the pillow beside his head where Sandra's head would normally be.

"Good night, Fleshlight," he said. "Be prepared to go again in the morning."

And with that, he rolled over, turned out the lamp beside his bed, and fell asleep wishing Sandra was there.


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   Donnie popped in his copy of Jailhouse Heat 3D that featured his favorite adult film star Jenna Haze. He sat on his couch with lotion and tissue nearby, prepared to imagine that it was his cock penetrating her delectable pussy. As soon as he saw her sexy ass on screen, he came. He tried to prolong the sensation, but it was no use. Jenna had that effect on him.

It had always been that way; Donnie took one look at Jenna’s perfect pussy and tight body and he lost all control. It was frustrating to him, because he knew that Jenna would want a man who could fuck her all night long. He’d been a fan of hers for years, subscribing to her website and following her blog. He jacked off to her just about every night, much to the dismay of his girlfriend. Donnie wanted to prolong his fantasy with his dream girl, and he wanted it to be as realistic as possible. ‘There’s gotta be a better way,’ he thought to himself as he walked to his computer.

Donnie went to a search engine and typed in “How to increase stamina in bed for men”. He was amazed at the number of results that came up. Pills, potions, lotions, you name it. However, there was one particular link that caught his eye. “Build you stamina with our STU (Stamina Training Unit)” it said. “Hrm…what’s a fleshlight?” he asked himself out loud when he clicked on the link. As soon as the page loaded, Donnie’s eyes widened in excitement.

There on the website’s homepage was his dream girl Jenna Haze, sexy as hell with her perfect tits and pussy on display. Donnie stared at her body hungrily, feeling his cock begin to tingle once more at the sight of her. How badly he wanted to shove his cock in her tight pussy and fuck her brains out. When he came out of his daydream, he finally managed to click on her picture. What he saw astounded him. There was a perfect model of his dream girls’ pussy, mouth and ass. They are called Fleshlights and they are male masturbator toys. He couldn’t remove his eyes from the screen. He had no idea that such things were out there and he could be that close to actually fucking Jenna Haze. Immediately his eyes shot to the price. ‘YES!’ he thought to himself as he punched the air. The fantastic item was on sale, and Donnie knew he had to buy it then and there. He excitedly was about to add it to the cart, before he realized that he was able to choose the inner texture. His heart started beating wildly as he thought of how amazing Jenna’s pussy would feel enclosing his dick. The texture he decided on, called “Lotus”, was considered to be the closest texture to the real thing. After choosing these details, a small banner appeared on the side of the screen, offering a coupon code for an additional 15% off AND free shipping. Donnie felt like it was a sign from the universe, and he immediately added Jenna’s perfect pussy to the basket.

So excited was Donnie about his tremendous discount that he decided to shop around a little more. After all, he originally visited the site in order to build his stamina. He clicked on a tab labeled ‘Performance’ and was again greeted by a sexy, nude adult film star. He was immediately drawn to the STU or stamina training unit, and clicked on the picture. Gorgeous, naked, gold-painted beauties covered the next page, causing Donnie’s penis to harden. Again, he noticed that the top seller of a product was on sale, and he practically did a dance right there on the spot. He decided he wanted to see the STU in action and so activated the short demonstration video.

There he saw naked women pleasuring men with the STU. The men seemed to thoroughly be enjoying the sensation, and lasted for a large amount of time. Donnie felt the tip of his cock moisten as he watched the naked women tease the men with the fleshlight, and he stopped the video abruptly, knowing he needed the STU to work on his stamina. The STU promises that if he can last ten minutes with it and it’s extremely pleasurable patent texture technology, that he will be able to last twice the amount of time with any woman. ‘Here goes nothing,’ he thought as he added the STU to his basket and proceeded to check out. With his multiple discounts and free shipping, Donnie felt he got great products for a steal.

He waited anxiously for his package to arrive, and when it finally did, he could not contain his excitement. He opened Jenna Haze’s mold first, admiring its delicate folds and gently probing it with his fingers. His cock was throbbing at the sight. He knew, however, that before he could relive his fantasy with Jenna that he had to visit the STU first. He hastily unwrapped the mold and slid it over his erect dick. The sensation was indescribable, and Donnie could only manage a few pumps before he came deep inside the amazing toy. He tried again about half an hour later, trying to focus more on a steady rhythm and not to get overexcited too quickly. He only managed about 3 minutes before it was more than he could bear.

Donnie became like an animal, constantly pleasuring himself with the incredible fleshlight as he worked to increase his stamina, and the results were sure and quick. Within 3 days Donnie was able to last about 8 minutes and it was at this benchmark that he felt he was ready to explore the delicious cunt of Jenna Haze. He again popped her Jailhouse Heat 3D movie into his bluray player and had her pussy mold ready as soon as the opening scene began. Donnie slid Jenna’s sexy pussy over his dick, all the while watching her as she was fucked in 3D on his tv. He moved the fleshlight up and down, first slowly, the increasing the rhythm, imagining that Jenna was riding his cock and loving it. The lotus texture was amazing, and Donnie was about to lose it as he slipped in and out of his fantasy girl’s pussy. He regained his composure however, and slowed the rhythm down until the tip of his cock ached. He had already lasted 5 minutes and was going strong.

Suddenly a scene of Jenna and another woman in a jail cell started playing, and Donnie watched excitedly as the two women began to pleasure each other. Both were wearing sexy orange jumpsuits and kissing all over each other, causing Donnie to eagerly increase the pace of his fucking. He imagined Jenna on all fours as he fucked her sexy pussy. Her tight ass was in the air and she was screaming his name as he reamed her. He slid the fleshlight all the way down his cock so that he was completely enclosed, and he imagined his balls slapping Jenna’s ass as they fucked. He felt the tightness in his stomach that meant he was close. With a final pulse Donnie came, hard, into Jenna’s fantastic pussy.

When his breathing returned to normal, Donnie finally managed to open his eyes to see that he had barely made it through a quarter of the movie, and that his amazing Jenna Haze was still on screen. ‘That was absolutely amazing,’ Donnie thought to himself as he looked down at the fleshlight. “I can’t believe I got this on sale” he said aloud as he lifted himself off the couch, “because being able to fuck Jenna Haze is priceless.”
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Derrick's First Fleshlight. Is it worth it?
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2013, 04:02:27 PM »
His First Time

Derrick didn’t have too many sexual experiences in his memory, but he was a regular person who had urges for a sexual release. Derrick was in school and very focused on his studies and didn’t even have the money to keep a girlfriend around. He was honestly too busy with trying to finish school to focus on a relationship anyways. But he was getting really tired of just jerking off on a weekly basis, as it just seemed to get old and he wanted the feeling of being inside of a woman, without getting involved. But he knew it would be extremely difficult to find a woman with no strings attached for a sexual friendship, and besides, he just didn’t feel like putting in all of that time and effort. 
   But one day as Derrick was browsing the internet in his apartment, he noticed an advertisement for a fleshlight.  He had never even heard of a fleshlight but was very intrigued. There was a picture of the fleshlight on the home page with big shiny letters saying that it was on sale. Derrick being tight on a budget, he knew seeing something on sale was something good, and something that he wanted to take a look at.
   He clicked for more information about the fleshlight and began reading the description. A fleshlight was a male sex toy and it would feel like having sex with a real woman. This blew Derrick’s mind as this seemed exactly what he was looking for, with no emotional attachment or stress from an actual woman when he knew he just didn’t have the time for that at the moment. Derrick began looking up reviews of other fleshlights to see if these were actually something he could have pleasure with and enjoy. He was thrilled to read review after review of positive feedback from men like him who just wanted to experience something different for a change to receive sexual pleasure.
   He went back to the site that he found the fleshlight on and on top of the low price, they even had a coupon code for 15% off of the clearance price as well. Derrick was very relieved as this would be his first time using a sex toy, and he couldn’t deny that he was a bit nervous and rather have it be delivered through mail.
   He started browsing the different fleshlights and chose the one he wanted, as there were a variety of choices. This blew him away and had him excited to try more if this first one worked out well. He dropped the item into the cart online and started to check out. He applied his coupon code and it worked perfectly, and there was even free shipping on his order. He was more than thrilled that he just bought the fleshlight for the right price, and hopefully a lot of pleasure would come from it.
   Derrick waited for a few days, and his package finally came in the mail. It came very fast and he was more than ready to open it to get started. As he opened the package, he realized there were two bonus DVD’s in the box as well. Derrick was already set on being a constant customer from this website if everything worked out. He got comfortable in his room and turned on one of the free DVD’s he received. It was a sexy and hot as hell porn with two beautiful women that turned him on in an instant. His cock was hard soon into the movie, and he brought out his fleshlight and went to work.
   He pushed his hard cock through the vaginal fleshlight opening and moaned within his first thrust as it was nothing he had ever experienced before. It felt so tight and it didn’t take him long before he came and he was absolutely astonished at how a sex toy that had a discount would produce such amazing results. Derrick knew from then on that he would continue using his fleshlight and even thought of purchasing another of a different kind. It was worth his money, and definitely worth his pleasure.


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 My sister in law presented me with a Fleshlight on my 21st birthday.  She isn't my type really, a bit skinny for me but I love watching her around the house. 5'3, 110lb at most. Bobbed brown hair. Perky little tits that don't need a bra. A fuckable squeezable ass. We get on fine. We go out as a family, we go to the water park, we get drunk. I have seen her half naked, I have fondled her ass and tits loads of times – all in fun of course. To be honest I would fuck her if the opportunity  arose.

I do think about her when I wank off, which is often. I wasn't sure what she was getting at giving me a fleshlight. My hand always seemed enough, especially when I cum in a pair of her black knickers or tan worn pantyhose.

I remember the first time I tried her present. I followed the instructions carefully before easing my hard cock into it. It was so fucking tight and slippy like a beautiful pussy. I banged myself hard with it and my orgasm shook my body within moments.

Thinking about it I never noticed my fleshlight had disappeared from the shelf until my sister in law produced it in the family changing cubicle at the indoor water park. We had spent the last couple of hours in the water, splashing, grabbing and play fighting each other. She had pulled my shorts down  several times and I had returned the compliment with her tiny bikini top and bottom.

At one point we had queued for the biggest slide for some time. She stood in front of me and I admired her tight body, her contoured waist. Several times she pushed herself onto my shorts and rubbed herself against me. A couple of times I pulled her onto me and held her tight. She just giggled and didn't resist as I pressed my hardening cock against her ass.

The queue was busy and moving all the time. I wanted to slip my cock out of shorts and rub the exposed head on her naked ass cheeks but this was way to public. Instead I felt her ass cheeks with my fingers and once pushed my hand in her bikini bottoms and ran my finger up her ass crack.

I was starting to get more and more excited now. I obviously had a big erection in my shorts and I stood close to her to hide it. She just rubbed on it more and more.

We got to the top of the slide and despite the instructions not to we made a human train of two and wrapping my legs around her and pulling her close to me we slid into the darkness. We slid and slipped from side to side at great speed. I cupped her tits in the flimsy bikini material and felt my breathing getting faster.

We got out of the water and taking my hand she lead me over to the lockers where she grabbed her bag. She rushed me into a family cubicle and locked the door behind us.

That's when I saw my fleshlight. She yanked at my shorts and exposed my straining cock to the cool air. Within seconds she had my cock in it and was fucking me with it. Nice and slow to start with. Up and down the full length until I almost slipped out of it and then slowly back down taking my length inside it. She was leaning in front of me. I reached out and pulled her bikini top up. Her tits were pointy and perky. Her nipples were rock hard in my fingers. I squeezed and pulled them between finger and thumb. Her nipples were dominating her tits which seemed all nipples.

I looked at her face about a foot from mine. She was concentrating and I could feel her breath on my body. Her breathing was in time with her moving the fleshlight up and down. Her breathing quickened. A vein on her temple throbbed . Her rhythm was perfect. Up and down with a little twist at the top just before the down stroke.

This went on for a few moments. I started to stiffen and react to her strokes with a twitch of my hips. I let one of my hands wander from her nipples and let it roam over her ass and thighs. She was really concentrating now. Her breathing was rapid and I could feel her body heat increasing as though she was fucking me. She had sped up now and I was grabbing at her lithe body pretty randomly. She started to moan quietly and I was lost. I pulled her closely to me and shot gallons of fucking spunk into the fleshlight. She kept going. The extra lubrication made the sensation beyond anything I had experienced and I lost count of my orgasms.

She slowed and I gathered my senses. She was panting, her hair was spread over her hot red face. He bikini top was shoved up, her nipples were straining solid. I held her tight and she tensed and relaxed through her own orgasm.

Two minutes later we were back in the water and the fleshlight was in her possession.
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