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As soon as I walked into the room, I found Trisha lying on the bed, massaging herself. She didn’t even bother getting up when she saw me walk in. Instead she smiled, spread her legs, and massaged herself between her thighs. To be honest, I did want to see more. I walked over to the bed with a sneaky grin on my face. She then stood up and with no words spoken, began to unzip my jeans. They dropped to the floor and she then pulled my shirt over my head. She pushed me unto the bed with nothing but my hard penis extending out of my boxers. She reached into her drawer and pulled out a Fleshlight.
She turned off the lights in the room, making me wonder what she’ll do next. I then felt her warm, soft body dive on top of me. She tongue kissed me passionately and buried my face between her large breasts. Her tongue rolled down to my neck, reached to my chest and abs, and then onto my rock hard cock. I ran my fingers through her hair as she got me nice and moist. She suddenly stopped, and in the pitch black room, I laid there waiting to find out what she’ll do next. I then felt her ease my cock into her moist opening. She was so warm and so wet, and made sure she got all of me inside. However, I didn’t actually feel her body on me. My toes curled and I reached down to slap her ass. When I did reach down, only felt her hand and the object she was holding. It felt as if she was riding my cock nonstop with her vagina in her hands.
She kissed and licked my abs as she continued to stroke me. She whispered naughty things like “Take it baby, I’m not going to stop until you cum”. Then she rose up and switched into a “69” position. She smothered my face between her thighs and I sucked on her clit as her juices dripped. She continued to beat my meat with whatever object she was using. I moaned and slapped her ass, urging her not to stop. She only went even faster, and continued to tell me freaky things. My stomach tightened and I began to cum like never before. I almost went into shock forgetting I wasn’t actually having sex with her. I didn’t want her to get pregnant, so this did me just right. We then passed out in the darkness, with the bed damp from our sweat.
When I woke up, Trisha was gone. The only thing left was the Fleshlight she had used on me last night. Next to it was a note that read “Use this whenever you think about me. Love Trisha” I heard of Fleshlights, and most of my buddy’s got theirs on promo sale. When I visited the website, I noticed some of  the Fleshlights were always available at a discount rate! No wonder most guys I know have one, it feels so real. Besides my weekly hook ups with Trisha, no other women knew I had a Fleshlight. They also don’t know it’s the reason why I can last so long in bed. I decided to buy another one, since I knew where to find a fleshlight coupon codes. I’ll have one for personal use, and the other for Trisha to use on me when it’s that “Time of the Month”. I win both ways! I’m also entitled to tons of coupons for my “toys”. I really do feel like a kid now that the bed is my playground ;)